The ones who still believe in wonder.

About Saboga Lodge

At Saboga Lodge, we’re curious about everything, and we know you are, too. We are for the wayfarers, the explorers, the seekers — the adventurous ones who still believe in wonder.

With a whole world to explore, we know it can be hard to narrow down where your next journey should take you. But what if your next adventure was about more than just you?

Isla Saboga is a true tropical island experience — complete with stunning beaches, gentle waves, and lush rainforests. It’s any traveler’s dream. But more than that, Saboga Lodge is a place to grow your relationship with nature, learning how to live in harmony with the plants and animals on the island.

It’s this connection to wildlife that spurred Saboga Lodge owner Vladimir Suarez tap into life on Isla Saboga. For years, he visited the undeveloped island — frequently sleeping in a hammock or in tents on the edge of Playa El Coral — completely enamored by the surroundings and Saboga’s rich, mysterious history.

When it came time to develop Saboga Lodge, Suarez used his passion for architecture and his design acumen as the owner of Casa Suarez to create a dreamy eco-lodge with every detail attended to. From its innovative design, artisinal furniture, and sensitive positioning on the island, Saboga Lodge is the culmination of Suarez’s eye for high-end luxury experiences and his love and respect for the natural world. Every detail of the lodge has been carefully planned to conserve the greatest amenity the island has to offer: its thriving, untouched environment.

While creature comforts abound — from wifi to air conditioning to pool-side sunloungers — you’ll find the real highlight of your stay is in the meaningful connections you’ll make with nature. The island itself is a living organism, with a presence and a history all its own.

Isla Saboga is located among the Pearl Islands in the Gulf of Panama. The island was once home to an ancient, pre-Columbian community; it’s beauty and mystery made it a sacred site for holy ceremonies and ancient rites. Around 1515, colonization of the island began, led by conquistadors Gaspar Morales and Francisco Pizarro. Prior to colonization, Saboga’s first inhabitants were indigenous people, dedicated to collecting pearls from the ocean.

Today, the island contains seven known archaeological sites and a church dating from the 18th century. Like the rest of the Pearl Islands, Saboga is recognized for its incredible biodiversity. Local people mainly rely on fishing as their source of income, however the increased interest in global eco-tourism is a promising new opportunity for the island, Saboga Lodge, and its people to share its beauty with the world.

So what are you waiting for? Saboga Lodge is calling.

Saboga Lodge is a proud member of the Corporate Stays Signature Collection of Sustainable business accommodations and lodges. Through its environmental awareness efforts and sustainability programs, it represents a new generation of hospitality professionals leading the way for eco-conscious luxury travel.



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