Fun things to do in Panama.

You can do a wide variety of activities to have a good time in the capital. Alone, as a couple, with friends or family. Finding fun and recreational places in Panama City will be very easy. Tour the Coastal Strip At this point in the city, you can enjoy the refreshing sea breeze and a […]

Tricks if you get seasickness when traveling by ferry

Deciding on a cruise or enjoying a boat ride touring the islands is one of the things that those who usually suffer from seasickness sometimes do not dare. Next, you will be able to read some tricks to avoid seasickness on boats Tips to avoid dizziness Before boarding, sleep well the night before and do […]

Eating fish and its many benefits

Salmon, trout, hake, monkfish… All these foods have something in common: their beneficial effects on health. If you are not very “friend” of eating fish, below you will find important reasons to strengthen ties with these foods. Helps lose weight In general, fish contains less fat than meat. However, remember that white fish (hake, cod, […]

Visit Villa Noelia

Suppose you are considering visiting Panama and want to enjoy a unique moment with your family a few meters from the beach and surrounded by nature. In that case, we recommend that you visit Villa Noelia. Villa Noelia Villa Noelia is an eco-hotel located near the beach and surrounded by nature. This location allows for […]

3 tips to follow your exercise routine on vacation

The holidays are coming, and it is difficult for us to continue practicing sports. Here are some practical tips to continue practicing your favorite sport even when you are on vacation or traveling to keep fit throughout the year. Play sports together and continue you exercise routine on vacation An exciting tip to continue practicing […]

Skin care for the beach

The beach is one of the favorite destinations for many people when the holidays arrive, especially the summer ones, which means the perfect opportunity to have a tan that will make our skin look beautiful. Still, there are certain precautions that we must take to obtain that golden tone without acquiring a couple of burns. […]

4 things you can do to save the ocean

The ocean is the largest habitat on Earth, and it’s not only important because of that. It also regulates climate and meteorology around the globe. But as humans have developed since the Industrial Revolution, our impact on the oceans has also increased—and many of those impacts are caused by us. Reduce CO2 emissions and energy […]


Are you planning a family vacation in Panama? Panama is a city with multiple options to have a good time with your family. From touring the historic town, the best restaurants, museums, or visiting islands that will remain forever in your memory. All that and much more, you will be able to read below to […]

Best Boutique Hotels in Panama

Do you want to vacation in Panama but you don’t know where you can stay? Today, we offer you a variety of hotels so you can choose the best option for you, your friends and family. Stay in our blog and discover the best boutique hotels in Panama. Hotel Boutique: Saboga Lodge If you want […]

Best Things to Do in Las Perlas Panama

In this opportunity, we want to offer you a different plan to do when you visit Panama. In this case, we will tell you the best things to do in Las Perlas Panama. The Pearls Archipelago consists of more than 200 islands and islets, mostly uninhabited, off the Pacific coast of the Gulf of Panama. […]