Koral Cafe at Saboga Lodge

Nestled within the enchanting Saboga Lodge Resort, Koral Cafe is a hidden gem that beckons food enthusiasts with its delightful menu and charming ambiance. This captivating cafe captures the essence of Panama’s rich culinary heritage and adds its own unique twist to create a memorable dining experience. A Fusion of Flavors Koral Cafe takes pride […]

4 things you can do to save the ocean

The ocean is the largest habitat on Earth, and it’s not only important because of that. It also regulates climate and meteorology around the globe. But as humans have developed since the Industrial Revolution, our impact on the oceans has also increased—and many of those impacts are caused by us. Reduce CO2 emissions and energy […]

Best Things to Do in Las Perlas Panama

In this opportunity, we want to offer you a different plan to do when you visit Panama. In this case, we will tell you the best things to do in Las Perlas Panama. The Pearls Archipelago consists of more than 200 islands and islets, mostly uninhabited, off the Pacific coast of the Gulf of Panama. […]

Saboga Lodge: Recomendado por Nat Geo Traveler

Saboga Lodge se enorgullece en anunciar que somos el primer alojamiento en Panamá, recomendado en la revista Nat Geo Traveler. A lo largo de nuestro viaje, nos hemos esforzado por ofrecer en Saboga Lodge un turismo de calidad, respetuoso con el medio ambiente y la comunidad de Isla Saboga. Nuestro Objetivo en Saboga Lodge Al […]

Cómo reemplazar sus productos con productos ecológicos

Más de 8 millones de toneladas de plásticos acaban en los océanos cada año y se estima que para 2050 habrá más plásticos en el mar que peces viviendo en él. Es por eso que las personas son cada vez más conscientes de cómo ayudar al medio ambiente y protegerlo. Una excelente alternativa es reemplazar […]

6 Tips to Save Money for Your Next Vacation

Planning your vacation is not only about choosing the hotel and the destination, it is also about budgeting so that you can enjoy it to the fullest. That’s why today we bring you a blog with 6 tips to save money for your next vacation. 1. Avoid Ant Costs Ant costs are those that we […]

Ecotourism as a Style of Travel

Today’s new generations have paved the way to travel the world and explore places that once seemed impossible to go. While travel is a pleasure we enjoy, many of our practices as travelers mistreat the environment. Therefore, at Saboga Lodge, we propose ecotourism as a style of travel to make every experience more conscious, more pleasant, and more responsible. 

Plan Your Day Trip to Contadora Island

The pearl archipelago is full of treasures to discover, and without a doubt, Contadora Island is one of them. That is why we want to dedicate a complete blog for you to plan your day trip to Contadora Island and enjoy this paradise.

The Benefits of the Sea for Our Welfare

As the philosopher Plato once said, the sea is a great healer. Therefore, today we decided to make this blog to pay tribute to this greatness that runs through our planet and tell you the benefits of the sea for our welfare.