Island life like Mother Nature intended

Nature Conservation

Few places can rival the natural beauty of Isla Saboga. We are blessed with 400 acres of untouched rainforest environment, providing a home to many rare and tropical species. Our privileged location in the Las Perlas Archipelago allows us to truly immerse ourselves in the wild wonder this world has to offer.

We believe everyone should have a chance to experience this wonder, and that’s why we’re doing everything we can to conserve our little paradise for the long term.

Green Gardening

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From organic veggies to native flora, we keep our island green

Experience the rainforest with all your senses. Our green garden includes native plants and edible species, all grown organically. Cooking with these ingredients gives you a true taste of the island, without depleting the natural resources of the jungle.

But green gardening is about so much more than tending to the plants on our property. Our 400 acres of rainforest are populated almost exclusively by native flora which helps to attract and sustain local wildlife. The dry season sees months of sunshine and almost zero precipitation. We help to keep the island lush by irrigating with rainwater we’ve harvested as well as the purified wastewater we treat on the island.

Combined with our innovative dock-to-dish program, we provide guests the ultimate experience in fresh, sustainable food produced in harmony with nature.

Sustaining the Land

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We’re developing a greener future

Did you know that the right kind of development can sustain land, instead of depleting it?

Not too long ago, the farmers who lived on Isla Saboga were accustomed to exploiting the land for their survival. They cut down old-growth trees, ate endangered animals, and raised pigs and cows that contributed to soil erosion. Instead of letting them continue to degrade the land, we’ve worked extensively to educate and train local workers in sustainable farming practices that enable them to provide for their families without the need for deforestation. 

At the end of the day, we think we’re better together. 

We kept these practices in mind when we built Saboga Lodge. During construction, we use only sustainable hardwood resources and rapidly renewable material to avoid deforestation of the island. Because of our work with the local farmers and our sustainable building practices, environmental experts have confirmed that the island will get healthier with our development.



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