Every decision makes a difference

Everyday Sustainability

At Saboga Lodge, our dedication to sustainability guides every aspect of our design, our daily decisions, and our guest experience. Even the smallest choice has the possibility to make a change for the better.

Organic Cleaning Products & Bath Amenities

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Life at Saboga Lodge is raw, organic, and all-natural

It’s no secret that cleaning products contain some of the harshest chemicals out there. With warnings about flammable and toxic ingredients, only using 100-percent organic cleaning products was the easiest decision we ever made.

Not only are our cleaning products organic, they are fully biodegradable and chemical-free, making our daily operations safer for our people and the environment. 

During your stay at Saboga Lodge, you’ll also enjoy luxurious, 100-percent organic bathroom amenities. We also source as many products as we can from Isla Saboga and the nearby area.

No Plastic Policy

We’re proud to have banished all single-use plastics from the island

At Saboga Lodge we’ve made the conscious decision to get rid of all plastic water bottles on our property. Beyond the fact that they take huge amounts of fossil fuels to produce and don’t biodegrade, more often than not the bottles don’t get recycled and end up in our oceans.

We know for a fact that single-use plastic is harmful to the environment. That’s why we provide reusable water bottles to all our guests. With fresh, 100-percent potable water on the island, you can stay hydrated while protecting the local landscape.

We’re also doing our part by banning single-use plastic straws. Instead, you can enjoy your drink with a locally-made bamboo straw. These straws are completely compostable and help us continue to reduce waste and keep the island green.

Beach Clean-Ups

It’s no secret that the heart of Isla Saboga is its many stunning beaches.

But while the beaches are certainly beautiful on their own, we know that the only way to keep them that way is to take part in regular beach clean-ups.

The residents of Isla Saboga understand this, too. That’s why we’re organizing weekly beach clean-ups — led by Saboga Lodge staff — with our hotel guests and local residents. Not only will this help to keep Isla Saboga’s shores pristine, it will also foster authentic relationships between our guests and the people who call this island home. As if that’s not enough, our eco-conscious guests can earn discounts on local tours and activities by participating in one of our organized clean-ups.



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