Saboga Lodge is a pioneer of ecotourism in Panama. We're committed to sustainability and strive to use luxury tourism as a means for nature and cultural conservation. Discover responsible and meaningful travel here.

For The Love Of Mother Nature

Sustainability has been a core value at Saboga Lodge. We want to share our gorgeous corner of the world with you, but also preserve the natural environment for generations to come. That’s why we developed Saboga Lodge with only the highest standards in sustainability — without sacrificing an ounce of island comfort.

With our eco-conscious ethos and love for the land, we’ve created Saboga Lodge as a dedicated paradise that not only conserves the environment but helps our guests appreciate its beauty as well.


We respect the wildlife and nature around us. Saboga Lodge was built using FFC approved wood for sustainabile and low-impact construction. We also promote locally-sourced products , which does wonders to protect biodiversity.


At Saboga, we celebrate people by developing and supporting various experiences on the island. For us, it’s important to educate our guests on cultural and sustainability matters. Saboga visitors also have the chance to part take in local tours which reveal nature’s deepest and breathtaking secrets. 


We exclusively employ residents of Saboga to provide a source of income for the local community. Our staff and guests also partake in activities that contribute towards the well being of the island. For example, beach cleanings and recycling projects. 


Our Little Paradise

We are blessed with 400 acres of untouched rainforest environment, providing a home to many rare and tropical species. We believe everyone should have a chance to experience this wonder, and that’s why we’re doing everything to conserve our little paradise for the long term.

For example, when the dry season comes, we help to keep the island lush by irrigating with rainwater we’ve harvested as well as the purified wastewater we treat on the island.

On the other hand, during the Saboga Lodge construction we used only sustainable hardwood resources and rapidly renewable material to avoid deforestation of the island. Because of our work with the local farmers and our sustainable building practices, environmental experts have confirmed that the island will get healthier with our development.


Saboga Lodge is a proud member of The Long Run

The Long Run is a community of like-minded, innovative people committed to leveraging the power of their business for the health of the planet and the well-being of people. It has grown to become one of the world’s largest sustainable development initiatives led by nature-based businesses.

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