Keeping the island wild and green

Our Sustainable Philosophy

We’re passionate about sharing our gorgeous corner of the world with you, but we’re also passionate about preserving this natural environment for generations to come.

That’s why we developed Saboga Lodge with only the highest standards in sustainability — without sacrificing an ounce of island comfort.

We believe the land and its people should live in harmony. With our eco-conscious ethos and love of the land, we’ve created Saboga Lodge as a dedicated paradise that not only conserves the environment, but helps our guests to appreciate its beauty as well.

To achieve this, we utilize renewable materials for sustainable, low-impact construction on the island. We also only use locally-sourced, biodegradable cleaning products to minimize waste. Our staff members are all local to the area, and we aim to help them flourish through education and community support — a committment that helps guests experience the island in an enjoyable, authentic way.

At Saboga Lodge, you’re not just escaping to a tropical island. You’re helping it grow.

Nature Conservation

Island life like Mother Nature intended

There’s no doubt that Isla Saboga is a tropical island paradise. With 400 acres of prime rainforest, pristine beaches, and crystal-clear waters, we take our duty to protect this environment very seriously. Learn more about our conservation programs below.

Our Community

Building a greener future with sustainable development

We believe the core of sustainable hospitality is the local community. With education programs for our local staff members to regional initiatives like One Percent for a Roof, we are doing our part to empower the communities that call this beautiful island home.

Sustainable Operations

Making every choice count

Sustainability is in our DNA. We believe every choice we make counts — from the products we use to keep the lodge squeaky-clean, to our committment to keep single-use plastic off the island. Follow the link below to learn more about our sustainable operations and practices.



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