3 Differences Between Saboga Lodge and other eco-hotels

3 Differences Between Saboga Lodge and other eco-hotels

In the past years, eco-hotels have gained popularity in the housing industry. More and more people want to feel closer to nature. Furthermore, mindfulness and well-being are a big part of travel experiences. Saboga Lodge is an excellent example of this. Thus, in today’s blog, we bring you 3 differences between Saboga Lodge and other eco-hotels.

1. Saboga Lodge: A Spiritual Retreat in the Middle of the Sea

Besides being an eco-hotel, Saboga Lodge is an island where peace and calm abound. Our facilities are adapted for people to do yoga, meditate and connect with nature. This makes it the ideal place to take a spiritual retreat. In other hotels, you may find this same calm and contact with nature, but you probably won’t have the facilities, privacy and access to connect with your being full. Therefore, Saboga Lodge aims to be a calm space that recharges your energy and helps you to clear your mind.

2. An Unspoilt Island Full of Vegetation

On the other hand, Saboga Lodge has the advantage of being an unspoilt island where the sea and nature remain pristine. This is very difficult to find in other islands, as many of them are populated and have a lot of infrastructures that have caused the loss of nature.

Also, the more people, the less calm. That is why people prefer Saboga Lodge, to disconnect from the outside world and connect with the inner world.

3. Living a Conscious Tourism Experience

Conscious tourism is one of the fundamental pillars of Saboga Lodge, because we want our tourists to impact the environment positively. Simple actions such as recycling, caring for nature, protecting local communities is essential to keep the island of Saboga pristine.

At Saboga Lodge, you will have the opportunity to take action in favour of nature and learn what these eco-friendly practices are all about. Take advantage of these opportunities to become a better traveller and a better consumer.

Experience Saboga Lodge

Saboga Lodge is the only hotel on the island of Saboga and offers you the experience of a private island retreat. Here you will have all the comforts, but most importantly, you will have the luxury of finding yourself.

Start planning your holiday to recharge yourself with the beautiful energy that this island has to offer.

We will be waiting for you with open arms. For any questions, contact us here or follow us on Instagram.


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