Escape to Saboga Lodge: Your Guide to the Island’s Top Beach

Saboga Island is one of Panama’s most beautiful, serene, and off-the-beaten-path destinations. This small island boasts only two beaches, Playa El Encanto and Saboga Lodge Beach, both of which offer seclusion and provide a perfect setting for a day with family and friends. Located in the Pacific Ocean, Saboga Island is a popular getaway for […]

Hidden Gems in Panamá

Panama is famous for its attractions, such as the Panama Canal, Bocas del Toro, and San Blas Islands. These hidden gems offer unique experiences and an opportunity to explore the country’s diverse natural and cultural heritage. However, many lesser-known destinations in Panama are worth visiting. This article highlights some of the off-the-beaten-path destinations in Panama […]

The Top 10 Must-See Attractions in Panama

Panamá is a beautiful country in Central America, known for its vibrant culture, beautiful beaches, and stunning natural landscapes. Whether you’re an adventurer or a history buff, Panamá has something to offer for everyone. In this article, we have compiled a list of Panama’s top 10 must-see attractions that are sure to captivate your heart […]

Activities to Experience in Panama

Panama is a country known for its natural beauty, with lush rainforests, sparkling beaches, and crystal-clear waters. For adventure seekers, there are a number of outdoor activities to experience in Panama. Here are five activities you won’t want to miss. Hiking in the Rainforest Panama’s rainforests are home to a rich array of flora and […]

Escape to Paradise: Discover Saboga Island in Panama

Welcome to Saboga Lodge, your escape to paradise in Panama. Nestled on the pristine shores of Saboga Island in Panama, our eco-friendly resort offers the perfect retreat for your next vacation. With its breathtaking natural beauty and serene environment, Saboga Island promises an unforgettable escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Located in […]

Things to do in Saboga Island

Things to do in Saboga ISland

Saboga Island located just 35 miles off the coast of Panama City, it would take you about two hours traveling by boat to visit this little jewel of the Pacific, with ten immaculate beaches that surround it end to end and a population of 800 inhabitants, it is definitely an eligible destination for a vacation […]

How To Reduce The Use of Plastic While Traveling?

How to Reduce the Use of Plastic while Traveling? The devastating effects of plastic on the environment are gaining more and more headlines. We often forget our plastic-free promises when we go on vacation. Whereas it is easy to avoid the use of plastic when traveling. Bringing a water bottle and a reusable bag is the first […]

Whale Watching in the Pearl Islands

The regions of the Pearl Islands are the most suitable for the observation of whales and other marine mammals. As you prepare for your next vacation to this part of the world, don’t forget to add this activity to your vacation schedule. Whale Watching in the Pearl Islands is a great memory that always thrills adults and […]

Ecotourism in Panama

The definition of “ecotourism” given by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) consists of grouping together sustainable tourism which has the following characteristics: Principles of Ecotourism Ecotourism vs. Traditional Tourism Both ecotourism and traditional tourism include visiting natural attractions. The main difference between the two are the intention and the activities performed by the tourists. Ecotourism Ecotourism is more […]

Benefits of Doing A Yoga Retreat on The Pearl Islands

A yoga retreat is a journey inside yourself. Whether you are a beginner, experienced, or just want to get started with the practice. The benefits are numerous. Here are reasons why you should join Samsara for your next yoga retreat? Reduce Stress Over time, we get carried away by routine. Fears and anticipations create stress. To get […]