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How To Reduce The Use of Plastic While Traveling?

How to Reduce the Use of Plastic while Traveling? The devastating effects of plastic on the environment are gaining more and more headlines. We often forget our plastic-free promises when we go on vacation. Whereas it is easy to avoid the use of plastic when traveling. Bringing a water bottle and a reusable bag is the first […]

Whale Watching in the Pearl Islands

The regions of the Pearl Islands are the most suitable for the observation of whales and other marine mammals. As you prepare for your next vacation to this part of the world, don’t forget to add this activity to your vacation schedule. Whale Watching in the Pearl Islands is a great memory that always thrills adults and […]


The definition of “ecotourism” given by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) consists of grouping together sustainable tourism which has the following characteristics: All forms of tourism in which the main objective or the motivation of tourists is to observe and enjoy nature as well as the traditional cultures that prevail in natural sites. Any tourism which integrates […]

Benefits of Doing A Yoga Retreat

A yoga retreat is a journey inside yourself. Whether you are a beginner, experienced, or just want to get started with the practice. The benefits are numerous. Here are reasons why you should join Samsara for your next yoga retreat? Reduce Stress Over time, we get carried away by routine. Fears and anticipations create stress. To get […]

How to be a Responsible Traveler

Sustainable tourism, responsible tourism or even slow tourism, are terms that today remain very vague even for professional tourists. Therefore, it is difficult for travelers to know how to behave in order to be a responsible tourist. In this article we want to share with you some practices that you can apply during your vacations […]

How to Maintain a Sustainable Lifestyle

Sustainable lifestyle is a complex issue. It is not enough to change just one habit, in fact it is a set of practices that must be consciously assumed. To be more precise, a sustainable lifestyle means not consuming more than what can be grown, regenerated or available in the future. Eat Sustainably When it comes […]

How to Choose a Mindful Accommodation

For many people, choosing a mindful accommodation is part of planning a trip. It is a decision like any other, like buying a plane or train ticket. After all, what matters is what you do locally in the city you are visiting, right? In fact, not quite! Good accommodation can make your trip pleasant and a […]

Best Eco-Friendly Hotels in South America

When we are on vacation we aspire to have everything written down in our agenda. Starting with lodging, activities, car rental and gastronomic tours, we worry too much about having everything under control in order to enjoy our paradisiacal adventure to the fullest. Starting with the lodging, we always tend to look for comfort and […]

Main Aspects of Responsible Tourism

Have you ever think that when we go on vacation we can assume two roles. We can be simple tourists or take action and contribute to positively transform our environment. It is time tome put into practice our values, respect, and tolerance toward other cultures and start being the change we want to see. Responsible tourism […]

Why is Sustainable Tourism Important?

The tourism sector plays a vital role in the growth of the economy and commerce in different countries. Its diversity of activities makes it more and more attractive to people.However, there are many social practices that make the tourism sector suffer losses and inconveniences, one of them is the pollution caused by tourists in natural […]