Saboga Island, Panama

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Habitación Principal


  • Camas tamaño King, Queen y Sencilla
  • Hasta para 5 personas
  • Comedor interior 
  • Comedor al aire libre
  • Vista al océano
  • Terraza privada

Lo Más Destacado

  • Aire acondicionado
  • Ventiladores de techo
  • Wi-fi 
  • Artículos de tocador orgánicos

Unforgettable experiences

Take advantage of our unique island tours and on site activities during your escape.

Special packages

  • Relax in Saboga for more than 10 days and receive a 20% discount on your stay. Enjoy this long-stay package with multiple attractions.
  • Take advantage of our special packages built to accommodate larger groups of people.

Honeymoon Package


Honeymoon Package

The ideal option for those who wish to celebrate that special union, in the midst of a privileged location and absolute privacy.

$460 USD

It includes:

Accommodation for 2 nights and 3 days for a couple
Romantic dinner + decoration
Private tour to a virgin island.

Property Takeover


Property Takeover

Do you want to celebrate a special occasion or just have a good time in paradise, in a private way with the people you love the most?

We offer you 2 options to achieve it:

1. The basic: $1000 USD / Day

It includes:

Only accommodation for 10-12 people.

2. Plus: $2,500 USD / Day

It includes:

The 3 meals for each person.
Personalized attention.
Happy hour option.
Accommodation for 10-12 people.

Paquete Luna de Miel


Paquete Luna de Miel

La opción ideal para quienes deseen celebrar esa unión tan especial, en medio de una ubicación privilegiada y privacidad absoluta.

Valor: $460 USD


  • Alojamiento de 2 noches y 3 días para pareja
  • Desayuno
  • Cena romántica + decoración
  • Tour privado a una isla virgen.

Anniversary package


Anniversary package

Let´s celebrate life, let´s celebrate the permanence of their union, in a private space, full of nature and tranquility.

$360 USD


  • Accommodation for 2 nights and 3 days for a couple
  • Breakfast
  • Romantic Dinner




Eat and Drink

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How to get here?


Nearest international airport

Panama City Tocumen Airport

Isla Saboga is located among the Pearl Islands in the Gulf of Panama.

Step 1

Step 2

Option 1 Gofast Panama speedboat at Balboa Yacht Club ($ 70 USD both routes)

Option 2 Sea Las Perlas Ferry in Flamenco Marina ($ 90 USD both routes)

Duration of the journey: 1h and 30 min.

Step 2

- Private All Terrain Vehicle.
- Private Boat.

Preguntas Frecuentes


A visa is not necessary to travel to Panama from most countries in the world. However, Panama law requires you have a return ticket to leave the country in order to enter, and passports must be valid for at least 6 months at the date of entry. You may also be asked to prove that you have at least US $500 – a credit card, bank statement, or cash usually works. Keep your booking for Saboga Lodge handy too, as sometimes visitors are asked to confirm their hotel reservations.

Citizens of the following countries do not require a visa: United States, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, and Taiwan.

We’re located in the tropics and close to the equator, with consistent temperatures year-round. Highs typically hover around 92°F (33°C) and lows around 70°F (21°C). However, weather patterns vary over the course of the year and can be divided into three distinct seasons.
Dry Season: Mid-December to mid-April
Green Season: Late April through September
Temporada de lluvias: de octubre a mediados de diciembre
Dry season brings four months of glorious sunshine and almost zero rain. During green season, the island will be mostly sunny or partly cloudy, with an afternoon or evening “warm” storm that typically lasts a few hours. In the rainy season we can get some downpours, but don’t let the rain discourage you – October is the very best month for humpback whale watching in the Gulf.

Saboga Lodge is independently owned, and the resort is operated by Embera Collection. This Canadian-based hospitality management company is dedicated to operating and developing sustainable stays and apartments all over the world.


The electrical current in Panama is 110 volts. The sockets are American-style: standard US two-pronged plugs (or three-pronged if grounded)

In Panama we have strict no-smoking policies for public places and hotels. Smoking is not allowed in the Saboga Lodge facilities. If you smoke on the beach, please be considerate of our wildlife and do not leave used cigarettes in the sand.

We do not accept cash. All payments should be made in advance by credit card or wire transfer to settle your account. At the lodge you won’t need any local currency — all additional expenses such as alcoholic drinks or ocean-based tours can be charged to your room.


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Reservation Hours:
Monday - Sunday
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Lodge Operation Hours
Monday - Sunday
7:30 AM - 8:00 PM

El Archipiélago de Las Perlas cubre alrededor de 250 pequeñas islas de las cuales la mayoría están deshabitadas. Estas islas son famosas por sus espectaculares playas de arena blanca, buceo, vida marina y delicados ecosistemas.

Ven a descubrir la Isla Saboga en el Archipiélago de Las Perlas, un pequeño paraíso perdido en Panamá


The Pearl Islands of Panama is an archipelago that covers around 250 small islands of which most are uninhabited. These islands are famous for their spectacular white sand beaches, scuba diving, marine life and delicate ecosystems.
Come and discover Saboga Island, a hidden paradise in Panama.

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El amor incondicional es sin duda el amor de una madre. En este día tan especial, las honramos por ser nuestro polo de tierra, nuestras heroínas, las mujeres que nos inspiran y el ancla que calma nuestros mares.

¡Felicidades a todas las mamás! Les deseamos un día lleno de felicidad, gratitud y amor. ❤️


Unconditional love is undoubtedly a mother's love. On this special day, we honor them for being our grounded pole, our heroines, the women who inspire us, and the anchor that calms our seas.

Thanks to all moms, we wish you a day full of happiness, gratitude, and love. ❤️

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¿Buscas un lugar diferente para trabajar y dejar fluir tu imaginación? ¡Ven a Saboga Lodge y aprovecha nuestros espacios al aire libre!
👉 Tenemos WiFi gratis y el mejor café panameño para que trabajes rodeado de naturaleza.


Are you looking for a different place to work and let your imagination flow? Come to Saboga Lodge and take advantage of our outdoor spaces!
👉 We have free WiFi and the best Panamanian coffee for you to work surrounded by nature.

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Disfruta del encanto de la naturaleza y el placer de la comodidad al mismo tiempo en Saboga Lodge.


Enjoy the charm of nature and the pleasure of comfort at Saboga Lodge.

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¿Planeas visitar la Isla Contadora?
Entérate de los mejores planes y lugares para visitar durante tu estadía en Contadora, visitando el último artículo publicado en nuestro blog. (Link in Bio)


Are you planning to visit Contadora Island?
Discover the best places to visit during your stay by reading the latest article published on our blog. (Link in Bio)

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Aprovecha durante Mayo nuestro paquete "Todo incluido" y despreocúpate por pensar qué vas a comer durante tu estadía en @sabogalodge. ¡Nosotros te ofrecemos todas las comidas al mejor precio! 💯


Take advantage of our "All-Inclusive" package and stop worrying about what you'll eat during your stay at @sabogalodge. We offer you all meals at the best price! 💯
*Valid for May

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¿Sabías que en la Isla Saboga existe un árbol con más de 500 años de antiguedad?
Este árbol está aquí desde la época de la colonización y es uno de los lugres mágicos que puedes conocer visitándonos en @sabogalodge.


Did you know that on Saboga Island there is a tree that is more than 500 years old?
This tree has been here since the time of colonization and is one of the magical places that you can discover by visiting us at @sabogalodge.

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¿Quieres celebrar una ocasión especial con tu pareja?
En @sabogalodge tenemos planes a la medida, sgún el momento que quieras celebrar.
Escríbenos para consultar por las opciones personalizadas que podemos ofrecerte para que sorprendas a esa persona especial.

*Propuesta de matrimonio

Consúltanos por nuestros planes románticos. 💚


Do you want to celebrate a special occasion with your partner?
At @sabogalodge we have tailored plans perfect for you and your loved ones.
Write us to consult about the personalized options that we can offer you to surprise your beloved one.

*Marriage proposal

Ask us about our romantic plans. 💚

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Es viernes y el cuerpo lo sabe 🥳
¿Qué esperas para venir a visitarnos y pasar un fin de semana increíble, rodeado de naturaleza y mar?


It's Friday, and the body knows it 🥳
What are you waiting to visit us and spend an incredible weekend surrounded by nature and the sea?

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A todos nos encanta estar cerca del mar, pero ¿sabes cuáles son sus beneficios comprobados?
Ingresa al nuevo artículo publicado en nuestro blog y descubre cuáles son esas cosas del oceano que nos hacen sentir tan bien (Link in Bio)


We all love being near the sea, but do you know its proven benefits?
Enter the new article published on our blog and discover what are those things in the ocean that make us feel so good (Link in Bio)

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Disfruta de los lugares que tenemos en @sabogalodge para conectar con tu propio cuerpo y la naturaleza alrededor 🧘‍♂️🍃.
Ofrecemos espacios adecuados para hacer yoga y meditación, además de alimentos saludables para que cuides de tu cuerpo mientras disfrutas 💚.


Enjoy the spaces we have at @sabogalodge to connect with your own body and the surrounding nature 🧘‍♂️🍃.
We offer adequate spots to do yoga and meditation, as well as healthy food so you can take care of your body while you enjoy and relax 💚

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¿Qué tal este lugar para descansar durante el fin de semana rodeado de naturaleza? 😍
En @sabogalodge te estamos esperando para brindarte la posibilidad de desconectarte del estrès diario.
Escrìbenos y conoce nuestras promociones de temporada.


How about this place to rest during the weekend surrounded by nature? 😍
Come to @sabogalodge and disconnect from daily stress.
Contact us and find out about our seasonal promotions.

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El cielo arriba, la arena debajo y la paz adentro.
Visítanos en la Isla Saboga ❤.


Sky above, sand below, peace within.
Come visit Saboga Island ❤

Foto: @seishorasmenos

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¿Ya conoces nuestro nuevo hotel familiar @Noeliapanama?
A solo 10 minutos de distancia caminando desde @sabogalodge puedes disfrutar de Villa Noelia, un espacio familiar y pet friendly.
Aprovecha nuestros precios especiales de Soft Opening y ven con tu familia.


Are you familiar with our new family hotel @Noeliapanama?
Just 10 minutes away walking from @sabogalodge you can enjoy Villa Noelia, a child and pet friendly space.
Take advantage of our special Soft Opening prices and come with your family to experience Saboga Island.

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En @sabogalodge realizamos el tratamiento de nuestra piscina con sales, para evitar el uso de cloro que es perjudicial para el planeta y para la piel de nuestros visitantes 💧❤.
Ven a disfrutar de la comodidad de nuestras instalaciones mientras cuidas la naturaleza y el medio ambiente 🍃.


Saboga Lodge treats its pool with salts to avoid the use of chlorine, which is harmful to the planet and the skin 💧❤.
Come and enjoy the comfort of our facilities while taking good care of the environment 🍃.

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¿Ya definiste el lugar para tus próximas vacaciones? En Saboga Lodge tenemos precios especiales durante los días de semana para que vengas a visitarnos y disfrutes de nuestras actividades como Kayak, Trekking, Paddleboard y recorridos en bicicleta 🤩.
También puedes reservar recorridos por diferentes islas vírgenes del Archipiélago de Las Perlas, organizados por @gofast_panama 🛥.
¡No te pierdas la oportunidad de vivir una experiencia increíble en un lugar mágico!
Escríbenos ahora para conocer nuestros precios especiales.
Have you already defined your next vacation spot? At Saboga Lodge we have special prices during the weekdays. Come visit us and enjoy our adventure activities 🤩.
You can also book different tours along Pearl Islands with @gofast_panama 🛥.
Do not miss the opportunity to live an incredible experience in a magical place!
Contact us for further information

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¿Alguna vez visitaste una isla virgen? Estando en Saboga Lodge, puedes reservar un recorrido por diferentes islas vírgenes del Archipiélago de Las Perlas.
¡No te quedes sin conocer este pequeño paraíso escondido en Panamá!


Have you ever visited a virgin island? Staying at Saboga Lodge, you can book a tour to different virgin islands of Pearl Islands.
Don't miss the chance to visit this hidden paradise in Panama!

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