Best Activities to Do in Panama City

Enjoy the Best Activities in Panama City

Best Activities to Do in Panama City

Enjoy the Best Activities in Panama City

Panama is a beautiful city that houses the old and the modern. Its warm climate, culture, and language have made it a popular destination for tourists. It is also a city with many social, nightlife, and cultural life. Today we will tell you about the best activities to do in Panama City.

Casco Viejo Panama

Let’s Start With Transportation

Panama is a city with a lot of traffic depending on the time of day. There are several ways to move around the city. You can choose to rent a car or take public transportation. However, if you prefer not to waste time, we recommend public transport.

You can also choose to take UBER. This application has good reception for its economical price, comfort, and safety. Also, you will not have to stress about looking for parking or going out to have fun at night.

Panama City

Tour the City

Apart from the mythical Panama Canal, this city has a lot to discover. Therefore, we list the most relevant attractions, so you can visit and enjoy them.

El Casco Antiguo

The Casco Antiguo was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. You can walk through it quickly. In it, you will find places like the Convent of Santo Domingo, the National Theater, the Presidency of the Republic, Bolivar Palace, Palace of Justice, among others. El Casco Viejo is full of points of interest and culture.

La Cinta Costera

La Cinta Costera is a walkway that runs along the entire coast of the city. This path joins the area of Punta Paitilla with the Casco Viejo. We recommend you to walk this area when the sun goes down.

Sunset is a good option, as you will see how the sun goes down under the sea and the temperature cools down. This tour takes you to Casco Viejo, where you can have dinner in the area and take nice pictures.

The Panama Canal

Surely you have heard of the Panama Canal. This place is a very touristic visit. It costs about 20 USD per person and is close to the city.

There you will see the boats pass by, you will find different restaurants, and you can visit the museum.

Metropolitan Natural Park

The metropolitan natural park is a green lung of the city. It has more than 230 hectares, and you can visit it through different trails surrounded by fauna and flora. Furthermore, there are several viewpoints where you can stop to contemplate the panorama.

You can know the visiting hours and information in the following link.

The Old Panama

If you like adventure, you can visit the Old Panama ruins. The entrance fee is around 20 USD, and you will also have the company of a guide to tell you the history. This tour will take you approximately two hours.

Cerro Ancon

This hill is one of the best viewpoints in Panama City. It is part of a natural area with native flora and fauna. Therefore, you can only access it in the morning.

To get there, you have to take Avenida De Los Mártires in the direction of the Bridge of the Americas. There you will find the entrance, which is free of charge.

Restaurants in Panama

Enjoy the Gastronomy in Panama

Panama City has a wide range of restaurants. The best areas to enjoy the best gastronomy are Casco Viejo and Marbella. Here you will find the most exquisite restaurants in the city. On the other hand, you must prepare your pocket because the prices are high.

Panama City

Other Places to Visit in Panama

Now that you know everything you can do in this city, it’s time to venture out. Enjoy your trip and see as much as you can. Remember that travel is a learning experience.


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