Best Eco-Friendly

in South America

Best Eco-Friendly

in South America

When we are on vacation we aspire to have everything written down in our agenda. Starting with lodging, activities, car rental and gastronomic tours, we worry too much about having everything under control in order to enjoy our paradisiacal adventure to the fullest.

Starting with the lodging, we always tend to look for comfort and above all a place that respects the environment. To make your life easier, here are some eco-friendly hotels to stay in for your next vacation.

Saboga-Lodge Panama 

Saboga Lodge is a sustainable accommodation on the island of Saboga located a short ferry ride away of Panama. This eco-hotel is in harmony with nature and  It brings the land and its people together in a luxury island experience unlike any other. You can reconnect with the natural world, re-energize yourself, and relax away from the crowds on an  paradisiacal beach.

Eco Lodge Corto Maltes – Peru

The Amazon! Dream of any traveler in search of wild nature. In Peru, discover the Corto Maltes Ecolodge and its inhabitants respectful of their land. In the middle of the Amazon jungle, stay in one of the wooden bungalows at Corto Maltes. Located in the Madre de Dios region, this Ecolodge offers you many activities to understand this special environment. The idea is to understand the lifestyle of these populations and good ecological practices to protect our beautiful planet.

Hotel Taselotzin – Mexico

Welcome to the Hotel Taselotzin in the heart of the mountainous Puebla Valley in Mexico. It is a traditional eco-friendly hotel run by an indigenous community made up entirely of women. These women are committed to offering sustainable tourism to their visitors and generate a significant positive social impact in the region. As a result, they offer different activities in addition to lodging and meals, traditional massages, weaving, learning of traditional medicine, etc.

Tierra Patagonia Hotel  – Chile

Welcome to the SPA Tierra Patagonia hotel in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park. The lodgings blend into nature, surrounded by ultra-present wildlife, guanacos, condors, wild foxes, etc. The hotel also offers its own excursions into the heart of the park which immerse  travelers in a peaceful and mindfulness connection with nature. 

TreeHouse Lodge  – Costa Rica

Awarded with several eco-labels, and members of ecological associations in Costa Rica. TreeHouse lodge is colorful, respectful and magical. Have the pleasure of staying in one of the Tree House Lodges for an unparalleled experience. Meet the themed Bungalows in the south of Costa Rica, take yoga classes that will make you aware of the conservation of flora and fauna and take a day to visit the Cahuita National Park.

All these activities are at your disposal during your stay in nature. Experience a conscious trip full of learning.

Laura & Adrian Ecolodge – Argentina

Discover this little corner of paradise in the heart of the Iguazu jungle, in the northeast of Argentina. Laura and Adrian are the couples behind this ecological project in the heart of nature. Here, there is no asphalt road, railroad, or even pollution. Laura loves to manages the kitchen with her team and here’s a fun fact, she prepares the best fish from the Parana River and fruits and vegetables from the neighboring farmer.

Cambará Eco Hotel – Brazil

Born out of a desire to aid in the rehabilitation and preservation of the planet. Cambará is truly eco-sustainable hotel. It is a 100% non-smoking eco-friendly hotel and has a desire to promote the health and well-being of its customers and the ecosystem. Deliberate efforts are made to maintain air quality and minimize electricity, water, and energy consumption. In addition, the main source of energy is solar photovoltaic, which is completely clean and renewable. surprise yourself during your stay with the technology of nature.

The Harmony Hotel – Costa Rica

Located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, the Harmony Hotel offers you alternate surfing, relaxation, and yoga for a vacation. With direct access to the beach, the 40 bungalows of this boutique hotel offer a stay that respects and embrace nature.  They have vegetarian menus, organic beauty products and furniture in natural wood. The entire hotel team is mobilized to reduce its carbon footprint everyday. With the hotel’s half-jungle, half-beach side, you don’t have to choose between surfing, yoga, and wildlife viewing in Costa Rica. Everything is there in the same place waiting for your enjoyment. 

Ecolodge Bahia Bustamante – Patagonia Argentina

Lost in the middle of Atlantic Patagonia, the Bahia Bustamante Ecolodge could be called a secret Paradise. The village of Bahia Bustamante was initially known for its seaweed production. Nowadays its founder Lorenzo Soriano, a Spanish immigrant and the oldest of the generations is the one who run the lodge. The village has retained its infrastructure. Some wooden cabins are now used to receive travelers in search of originality and exception. In addition, the lodge also has its own vegetable garden, its vineyard, and lives in complete autonomy.


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