Benefits of Doing
A Yoga Retreat

we all meet the right people, at the right time

Benefits of Doing
A Yoga Retreat

we all meet the right people, at the right time

A yoga retreat is a journey inside yourself. Whether you are a beginner, experienced, or just want to get started with the practice. The benefits are numerous.

Here are reasons why you should join Samsara for your next yoga retreat?

Reduce Stress

Over time, we get carried away by routine. Fears and anticipations create stress. To get rid of this negative tension, what could be more pleasant than practicing yoga? Exercise promotes perfect serenity and frees you from pressure. To calm negative impulses, it is enough to perform some postures and accompany the sessions with good breathing. Then it is time for meditation to help calm your mind. Practice is like a little moment of disconnection and relaxation.

Gain Confidence

Every day we tend to make a comparison between our life and that of others. The result often leads to disappointment. In some cases, people are prone to these types of disorders and do not achieve their goals. If you fall into this category of people, think about yoga. Practice helps you unlock your true potential. The many gestures and movements may seem difficult at first, but over time you will gradually master the poses and become more comfortable and confident.

Time for Yourself

There is a big difference between going on vacation and retiring. The word itself tells us that it’s about retiring, taking a break to reconnect with yourself. Vacations are more about activity and often involve other people you have to commit to, like choosing a destination and what to do. A retreat is about being present and listening to your needs.

During retirement, you will be encouraged to put your daily life behind you to relieve yourself of stress. This will allow you to awaken your consciousness and see more clearly. In fact, it is the possibility of seeing yourself or certain situations in a new light. Then you can clear up a difficult situation or find answers to your questions.


Since there are organized retreats all over the world, in countries and places each more charming than the last, those with more budget and time can combine their yoga holidays with a trip abroad.

Adopt new habits

yoga retreat can be a turning point in your life. It gives you the boost you need to adopt new habits. It helps you be more active, eat better, take more time for yourself, etc.

Meet People Like You

Many people are afraid to come alone. The advantage of a retreat is that all participants share a common interest and the same passion. It is said that “we all meet the right people, at the right time.” You may be surprised how easy it will be to connect with other people who will become friends for life.

Maintain Good Physical health

Yoga has an impact on our physical health. The practice relaxes many parts of the body, especially the areas that suffer from blockages, knots, and tension. A yoga session relaxes the spine, knees, wrists, hips, and ankles. In addition, it helps you strengthen your back. The various movements strengthen the muscles that support the back. At the same time, you strengthen your joints, in this case, ligaments and tendons. To relax your muscles, you need to hold a pose for a few minutes before continuing with other gestures.

The practice of yoga is based on breathing. In addition, there are several exercises focused on breathing (lengthening, modulation, suspension exercises, etc.). These practices promote calm of the body and mind. In addition, good breathing brings balance, promotes good humor, improves coordination with movements, promotes socialization, maintains shape. In other words, good breath is enough to change your life. Note that controlling your breathing is similar to self-massage of the organs.

Improve the Quality of Sleep

Each yoga exercise brings its benefits. To optimize the quality of your sleep, consider Nidra yoga. It is a powerful relaxation technique that helps you break free from physical and psychological limitations. Exercise is done when your body is neither asleep nor awake. In this case, simply relaxing the muscles to enter a dream state. Getting a good night’s sleep means being in a good mood the moment you wake up.

“Yoga has helped me sleep, I am calmer and more serene,” said a yoga student.

Yoga at Saboga Lodge

At Saboga Lodge we offer complimentary mats, blocks and other yoga gear to our guests. Take advantage of the zen environement in the middle of the jungle during your stay and complete your relaxing experience with a moment of meditation. 


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