How to Replace Your Products With Eco-Products

Replace Your Products With Eco-Products

How to Replace Your Products With Eco-Products

Replace Your Products With Eco-Products

More than 8 million tons of plastics end up in the oceans every year and it is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastics in the sea than fish living in it. This is why people are becoming more and more aware of how to help the environment and protect it. An excellent alternative is to replace your products with eco-products. Stay here and we’ll tell you all about it.

The Best Eco-Products To Replace Plastic Bags

The best thing you can do is to buy bags and use reusable bags that will not pollute the environment or end up in the ocean. A simple step is to take your reusable bag to the market and keep your fruits and vegetables in bags that can be recycled.

Avoid straws

we already know that straws are highly toxic and polluting to the environment. So avoid using them as much as possible and if absolutely necessary, make sure it is a biodegradable material.

Check Your Dressing Table

There are so many items that you can have in your bathroom that are harmful to the environment. First of all, check that all your products are animal cruelty-free. Then consider what you should change. For example, most of the cotton pads we use to clean our face take years to decompose. Therefore, it’s best to opt for towels that you can reuse.

Bamboo Toothbrush

If you are an environmentally friendly person and prefer sustainable and biodegradable materials you should choose this option to clean your teeth. Also, if you want to go a step further, you can choose to buy toothpaste made from natural ingredients and with biodegradable packaging.

Personal Cleanliness Without Harming the Environment

you can still smell good without harming the environment. That’s why we recommend buying shampoo bars, handmade soaps, and using flower essences instead of perfume so that our planet remains healthy as well as your body.

At Saboga Lodge we care about the environment. Therefore, we consider that these tricks are perfect to contribute with our grain of sand and give more years of life to the earth that despite our mistreatment continues to give us absolutely everything we need.


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