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Live the Experience of a Spiritual Retreat at Saboga Lodge

Find wellness at Saboga Lodge

Live the Experience of a Spiritual Retreat at Saboga Lodge

Find wellness at Saboga Lodge

Saboga Lodge is located on a virgin island surrounded by ocean, vegetation, and peace. Therefore, this island is the ideal place to take some time off and do a spiritual retreat.

Saboga Island

Enjoy the Tranquility of the Island

Saboga Lodge is not only a paradise in Panama but also a place that allows you to be in connection with the environment and yourself. That is why many of our guests choose us for a spiritual retreat. Because the peace of the island, the ocean waves, and our activities help you to connect with your inner self.

Yoga at Saboga Lodge

Enjoy our relaxing activities

For us, it is important that you disconnect from the outside world and the monotony of routine during your trip. Therefore, we have different activities for you that are ideal for you to live a magical experience with yourself.

Saboga Lodge has different facilities so you can practice yoga, meditation, painting, exercise, write, or just sit and contemplate the beauty of the sea to clear your mind.

Saboga Lodge

Disconnect From Outside and Reconnect From Inside

Many of our guests choose Saboga Lodge for a reconnection experience. Being in contact with nature and doing activities that are out of our daily routine, are a great help to recharge our energy, encourage our creativity and clarify our ideas.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to experience a spiritual retreat, Saboga Lodge is undoubtedly an excellent option to begin this journey. Your stay will be a complete rest for your soul and will make you live a unique experience full of well-being.


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