Main Aspects of Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism

Main Aspects of Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism

Have you ever think that when we go on vacation we can assume two roles. We can be simple tourists or take action and contribute to positively transform our environment. It is time tome put into practice our values, respect, and tolerance toward other cultures and start being the change we want to see. 
Responsible tourism is definitely the opposite to mass tourism, it is all about fixing objective which prevents ecological degradation, loss of cultures, marginalization, unemployment, and others. 

Therefore, Saboga Lodge presents a guide with the commandments of the responsible traveler.
Make the trip an experience of personal and collective growth.

ananMutual Respect

When we travel, we generally expect first-class service. The best way to obtain it is under an attitude of mutual respect. Let us always demand that we demonstrate education and good will. The best tourists of today will be the great hosts of tomorrow.

Embrace the Difference

Probably, the customs of each town, city or country that we visit are not the same as yours. As long as we understand and respect that point, our experience will be richer. It will lead to more appropriate behavior, a better dialogue with people and learn about their culture.  These are just a few ways to promote an environment of tolerance and respect. Try it, it will be more fun.

Helps Conserve and protect the Natural Environment

It doesn’t matter if you are only a tourist, this is everyones land and as an act of love and respect we must help to conserve and protect the natural environment.

It is very simple and only take some steps: 

  • Do not litter.
  • Avoid the use of plastic and straws.
  • Never buy products made with endangered plants or animals.
  • Do not remove animal or plant species from their natural habitat.
oConsume Resources Responsibly

Remember that the consumption of natural resources such as water, electricity or gas is everyone’s responsibility, so  consume what is necessary. In the other hand, try to stay in eco- hotels with certifications that guarantee the responsible use of resources.

Respect the Uses and Customs

Visitors and locals alike have the right to act according to their customs. Respect other people rights begins when we stop making distinctions between people.

Buy and Consume Local

Consuming local products is the most effective method to support the economy of the area you visit. When traveling, don’t miss out on trying new food and consume local products. In the case of handicrafts, value the time invested by each artisan and support their hard work.  Keep in mind that your generosity as a traveler is essential for the survival of many families.

Value Cultural Resources

When doing tourist activities, pay attention to protective measures. That of sanctuaries, monuments, museums, festivals, archaeological sites, etc. Remember that artistic heritage is the result of an invaluable cultural legacy, which imparts identity and diversity to each town you visit.

Hire Established Tour Operators

In addition to handing over your money to a company that pays taxes, you will avoid the unforeseen events on your trip. It will also help generate income for the community you visit. When you return home from a trip, it is important to reflect on all that you saw and learned during your trip. Always share details about your tour with your friends and family. Encourage them to visit the places that you found fascinating in a responsible way.

At Saboga Lodge we are very particular in maintaining and raising responsible tourism. With advances in technology and machinery, people are losing the sense of preserving nature and If we don’t preserve our natural habitat today, our future generations will not be able to watch it. Being responsible also says a lot about from where you belong. We cannot enjoy our tours or stay at the cost of bringing disorder to places.

Saboga Lodge wants its visitors to strictly understand how important it is to be a responsible tourist. As we are the promoters of ecotourism. We want our travelers to also be aware of their responsibilities. If you are already adhering to the aforementioned points. We thank you and encourage you to continue to do so. If you have not been responsible in the past, make a conscious effort to change your ways and contribute to the greening of the planet.


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