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If you are looking for a way to escape the daily routine and connect with your mind, body, and spirit, we have the perfect solution for you – Yoga retreat! Imagine relaxing in a beautiful hotel on an island paradise, surrounded by lush nature and breathtaking ocean views, while immersing yourself in the practice of yoga.

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What do we offer?

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About Yoga Retreat

Saboga Lodge offers a unique yoga retreat experience on Saboga Island located in the Archipelago Las Perlas, Panama. With a focus on connecting mind and body, our yoga retreats will allow you to slow down, release pent-up stress and find inner peace. We offer daily yoga classes for all levels, taught by experts in the field.

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Saboga Accommodation

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Saboga Lodge Accommodation

In addition, our yoga retreats include high-quality accommodation options, from standard rooms to luxury suites, all designed for maximum comfort and relaxation. We also offer a wide variety of complementary activities, such as meditation, nature walks, meditations, kayaking, and paddle boarding.

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Don't wait any longer to book your yoga retreat at Saboga Lodge.

We guarantee an unforgettable experience that will leave you refreshed. Come and discover the power of yoga practice in a unique and relaxing environment.

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Coming dates for yoga retreat:

April: Monday 17 Wednesday 19
May: Monday 15 Wednesday 17
June: Monday 19 Wednesday 21
July: Monday 10 Wednesday 12
August: Monday 21 Wednesday 23
September: Monday 18 Wednesday 20